Research & Development Center Status


We are pleased to inform that company Data Invest Spółka z o.o. s.k.a. has the status of Research and Development center granted by the Polish Minister of Economy on 30th September.

The status has been granted by basing on the Act of certain forms of support for innovation activities from May 30, 2008 . The same status in Poland has only a little more than 30 companies.

R&D department is focused on significant problems of the IT / ICT industry (Information Technology / Information and Communications Technology) in the following areas: designing advanced information systems, project management of IT / ICT especially in the techniques of agile programming systems using modern technologies such as cloud services, high-performance computing (HPC), processing of a large volume of data (Big Data), intelligent image analysis (Computer Vision) or artificial intelligence methods (Artificial Intelligence), design and implementation of advanced information systems in finance (eg trading on capital markets, risk management, analysis of large data sets financial).