Data Invest – partner of RIPE NCC

Data Invest acquired the status of LIR (Local Internet Registry) which is assigned by the RIPE NCC organization, whereby it can administer and management ipv4 and ipv6 address also it may provide services to other entities as a sponsor of the LIR interested in obtaining them own ip addressing. We would like to cooperate with local companies from Torun and the surrounding area.

UniCo starts selling their product

Since October launched a campaign to promote the system – the project prepared by UniCo Sp. z o.o. under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. Today the target group are a small library. In a few months we will present the product for medium and large libraries.

New headquarters

The company is currently finalizing the construction of a representative office building with an irregular structure (the project based on a system of circles). Located close to highway.

Data Invest is a patronage of Aulery Awards

29 th of April 2010 in Warsaw, the Aula Polska given the Aulery Awards to young technology project. The event’s patronage take over the Data Invest Fund and Windows Live Hotmail (Microsoft). The New Connect, exchange market, was the host of this event.