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1. Description of Website

Access to and use of the datainvest.pl website (the "Site") and the materials found on it (the "Content") are subject to the following terms and conditions (these "Terms").

Unless otherwise indicated, the Content is made available by Data Invest Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością s.k.a. ("DI").

This Site offers information about DI and its affiliates and its approach to developing and providing fully-serviced alternative investment products. Information about our global distribution network as well as relevant press releases and articles are also available on the Site.

DI may update, revise, delete or modify information on this Site without notice. Information should only be considered current as of the time of initial publication on this Site or as otherwise stated on this Site without regard to the date on which you may access the information.

2. Restricted Access

This Site and the Content are not directed at or intended for distribution to any person (or entity) who is a citizen or resident of (or located or established in) any jurisdiction where the use of the Site would be contrary to applicable law or regulation or would subject DI to any registration or licensing requirement in such jurisdiction. Persons who wish to access this Site are required by DI to inform themselves about and to observe any legal or regulatory restrictions which may affect their eligibility to access the Site. Professional advice should be sought in cases of doubt. Access to information on investment products (“Investment Products”) is only available by choosing your applicable jurisdiction of residence and accepting further terms and conditions. Once accepted, those jurisdiction terms and conditions will take precedent over these Terms. It should be noted that some areas of the Site are only available to institutional or professional users. Access to these areas requires the user to confirm that they meet the criteria for this classification. Such confirmation will be treated by DI as the user’s acceptance that they understand the definition of these terms as applicable under the regulatory regime of their country of residence.

3. No Offer

The Content is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation or offer, or advice or recommendation, to buy or sell interests in any Investment Products, to effect any transactions, or to conclude any transaction of any kind whatsoever.

4. Monitoring by DI

Your use of the services on this Site may be monitored by DI, and the resultant information may be used by DI or its affiliates for its internal business purposes or in accordance with the rules of any applicable regulatory or self-regulatory organization.

5. No Commercial Exploitation

Except as stated in this section 5, the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Content are owned by DI. Any use of the Content for any purpose is accordingly prohibited except as stated below.

With the exception of Content supplied on the Site in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for you to download, you may not reproduce, transmit, modify, link into, store, archive or in any other way use for any public or commercial purpose this Site or any of the Content without the prior written permission of DI. In particular, neither you nor any third party acting on your behalf or at your instigation may:
redistribute to any other person any of the Content (whether as part of any library, archive or similar service or otherwise);
remove the copyright or trade mark notice from any copies of Content;
create a database in electronic or structured manual form by systematically downloading and storing all or any of the Content.

6. Responsibilities of User

You are responsible for any use of the Site made by you.
You undertake to use your best endeavors to ensure that nothing you do whilst accessing the Site will damage the Site.

7. No Warranties and Exclusion of Liability

Whilst DI shall use reasonable efforts to obtain information from sources which we believe to be reliable, DI gives no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any information, opinions or forecasts contained on the Site, nor does it undertake to ensure that this Site will be available or accessible at all times.

DI shall have no liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any direct, indirect, consequential or special losses or damages of any kind whatsoever arising from or in connection with the access to, use of or linking to other websites (“Linked Websites”) from this Site or any reliance on any of the Content.

Unless expressly stated, DI is not responsible for the content of any Linked Websites and accordingly accepts no liability with respect thereto or for any reliance placed upon such Linked Websites.

DI is not liable for persons or matters beyond its reasonable control (such as telephone and other communications networks, the internet or your internet service provider).

These exclusions of liability do not apply to the extent that such exclusions are invalid or ineffective under any law or regulation applicable to DI.

8. No Reliance

Nothing contained on this Site constitutes investment, legal, tax or other advice or a recommendation to purchase or sell any Investment Product. You should not rely on any of the Content in making an investment or other decision but should obtain relevant and specific professional advice and read the terms and conditions contained in the relevant offering prospectus carefully before any investment decision is made.

9. Material Interests

Any one of DI or its affiliates or their directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives may have or have had an interest or holding, relationship or other arrangement with the Investment Products which may be material. Potential investors should refer to the applicable offering documents for any Investment Product and in particular, the potential conflicts of interest discussed therein.

10. Miscellaneous

You should be aware that any rules and/or regulations applicable to the provision of financial services (and the resultant investor protection benefits that may be available), may not be applicable to interfacing conducted through the internet medium and its various applications, of which this material forms part.

11. Intermediary Access

DI may from time to time provide persons with whom DI has entered into an intermediary or distribution agreement (each an "Intermediary") with links to Investment Product and ancillary subscription documentation available on a separate section of the Site (the "Product Links"). DI shall provide such Product Links to an Intermediary on the basis that such Intermediary shall in its subsequent use of such Product Links in connection with dealing with its clients and customers agree to:

1. comply with the terms and conditions of the intermediary or distribution agreement with DI including, without limitation, observing the terms and conditions from time to time relating to the promotion and sale of each Investment Product whether contained in the Investment Product's prospectus or imposed by law or regulation;

2. take particular note of (and act in accordance with) the relevant selling restrictions contained in an Investment Product's prospectus and any applicable law or regulation in the country in which the Intermediary promotes the Investment Products;

3. accept that DI shall hold the Intermediary responsible for compliance with applicable law and regulation (including, without limitation, any distance marketing and e-commerce law or regulation applicable to the Intermediary's activities);

4. satisfy itself that the onward distribution of a Product Link provided by DI can be lawfully circulated to the Intermediary's clients and customers; and

5. incorporate any suggested disclaimer or wording which DI may provide the Intermediary for incorporation in any communication the Intermediary adopts when circulating the Product Link to its clients and customers.